The logo of Big River Silk Skincare Inc. is based upon our idea of making taking care of your skin easy and simple. Accordingly, we use a minimum number of ingredients or chemicals in our products, in the hope of simplifying your life. So we generally avoid sulfates, parabens, formadehyde, perfumes or fragrances, and mixing agents such as propylene glycol and dodecyl sulfate. 







Dr. George Woodbury, JR., MD

I, George Woodbury MD, come from a family of four Dermatologists who have been learning about the skin since the early 1960s.


In 2016, I incorporated Big River Silk Skincare to design, manufacture, distribute, and market select organic skincare products that my family has been recommending to thousands of patients in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi for over forty years.


Our products - including our anti-wrinkle moisturizers and our cleansers - are manufactured under strict quality control - to give you the best path to smooth skin.



The products of Big River Silk Skincare Inc. are truly cruelty-free, having been designed and tested without involvement of animals. In fact, our products have been used by thousands of patients for over forty years, making such testing unnecessary. 


Big River Silk Skincare Inc. uses natural rather than synthetic ingredients in compounding or mixing up our anti-wrinkle GlycoShea moisturizers and our AmberSoy cleansers. In fact, the GlycoShea Creams start our as a tree that grows naturally in the Sahel region of Africa, called the Shea Tree, and its moisturizer has been used by people there for many generations, at times even as a foodstuff. The AmberSoy Soap Gel products are also natural to their core, starting out as refined Tennessee soybean oil, with soy having been used in China for over 1000 years.



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