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For Men Only Valentines Day Lubricants

George Woodbury MD 2/6/2023


After 31 years of practicing as a Memphis Dermatologist, I’d like to share several skincare tips for Valentines Day.  But the discussion of several of these products is definitely not G-rated, so this post is for adult men only.


Dermatologists like myself spend a lot of time working with patients to help them function well in relationships, both sexual relationships and social relationships. Valentines Day is about both types of relationships. Feeling better about your body is a great way to develop better self-confidence, so that you can focus better on your relationship, and on pleasing your partner. Putting some attention to skincare is a great way to show a partner (or potential partner) that you care about that person.


So tip #1: Keep your lips healthy. How can you kiss if your lips are dry? Guys, you need to lubricate. Women have been ahead of us in this lip lubrication for years, with their use of lipstick.  So after 25 years of Memphis Dermatology practice and working with my own patients, in Cordova, Memphis, Tennessee, I scooped up key ideas from my family of four Woodbury Dermatologists, and became President of Big River Silk Skincare™ Inc., manufacturer and distributor of a novel organic moisturizer to help with lip lubrication–HypoShea™ Moisturizer Cream.


How can HypoShea Moisturizer Cream help you improve your kissing performance? It’s a blend or emulsion of Refined Shea Butter with some of the purest natural water in the United States, from the Memphis Sands, with no added fragrances nor perfumes, no dyes, no propylene glycol, and no formaldehyde, making it both natural and organic, a great facial moisturizer and lip moisturizer which can also be used on the body.  
Fortunately, there’s still time to get HypoShea Moisturizer Cream to help you to kiss: HypoShea comes in 1 oz ($12.95), 2 oz ($18.95), and 8 oz ($39.95).


Tip #2: Robathol Bath and Shower Oil. Maybe you and your partner have gotten to a stage in the relationship where you need tactile contact. A good massage or rubdown after a soothing bath or shower is a great way to show that you care about his or her comfort. I’ve been recommending Robathol – a refined fragrance-free cottonseed oil lubricant – to my own Dermatology patients for over 30 years. 16 oz: $29.95.


Tip #3: alert: this is the part for that’s definitely for adult men’s eyes only. Vanicream Ointment is a great way to lubricate certain anatomical regions that need to function well during sex. It’s fragrance-free, lanolin free, formaldehyde free, and most importantly, it’s also also thick, meaning one application is effective for most men during sex to lubricate and to improve a partner’s comfort. 2.5 oz: $21.95.


If you or a family member has an actual skin condition – like acne, eczema (atopic dermatitis), or psoriasis – consider getting evaluated by a Board-certified Dermatologist. My own Dermatology practice is with Rheumatology and Dermatology, 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN 38018 (1-901-753-0168; Or you can find a Dermatologist closer to you by going to the American Academy of Dermatology web site – Simply plug your zip code into the “Find a Dermatologist” tab.

BRSS sales team at SWS March 2018 IMG_0045 cropped 08182019 (2).jpg

Big River Silk Skincare’s products are available for purchase on-site at Big River Silk Skincare’s International Headquarters, at 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova, TN 38018, Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM (1-901-753-0168). Or go to (free USPS shipping for orders over $40.00; Canadian over $75.00).  


And if you or a friend of family member would like to come in for a skin consultation, simply contact my Dermatology staff at 1-901-753-0168, or send me an Email: I look forward to helping you with your skin needs and your skincare needs. Or you can find a Dermatologist close to you by going to the American Academy of Dermatology web site,, and then plugging your zip code into the “Find a Dermatologist” tab.

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