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Ambersoy™ Soap Gel/No Fragrance 1 oz 37 gm

Ambersoy™ Soap Gel/No Fragrance 1 oz 37 gm

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Ambersoy™ Soap Gel for Oily Skin is made from soybean oil, potassium hydroxide, and artesian well water from Memphis’ famous underground aquifer. Ambersoy™ Soap Gel works well for the face and torso for people with oily to moderately oily skin. Be sure to check out our scent options.


    Who should be using AmberSoy soap gel?

    Anyone can benefit from using it. We developed it to be safe for people with sensitive skin—especially the No Frangrance Added version. Those with less sensitive skin can try our Lemon- or Mint-Scented soaps.


    Where should AmberSoy soap be used?

    It is formulated to be used as a face soap, but it can also be used on the back and chest for those with particularly oily skin.


    How often should AmberSoy be used?

    Oily Skin: 1-2 times/day, depending on oiliness

    Combination Skin: 3 times/week – 1 time/day

    Drier Skin: 3 times/week


    For most people, 2 ounces of Ambersoy™ Soap Gel will last a month if used 5 times a week.

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