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GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream High Strength 2 oz 57 gm

GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream High Strength 2 oz 57 gm

SKU: 13245769

GlycoShea™ Hand and Body Cream is a Shea butter moisturizer with glycolic acid and also contains artesian well water from Memphis. Shea butter is a helpful moisturizing agent produced in many parts of Africa. Glycolic acid, which moisturizes the skin, was originally discovered in sugarcane and certain fruits, though it is now manufactured synthetically. GlycoShea™ Hand and Body Cream offers a simple solution, contains absolutely no added fragrances, and delivers remarkable results! Our moisturizer is available in 2 variants: 6% and 9% cream.


    The product you are viewing is the 2-oz. size. We also offer 1.3-oz and 8-oz options.


    The GlycoShea™ 6% cream is popular among many customers.

    However, if you have severely dry skin, the GlycoShea™ 9% cream is best for you. The 9% cream variant may burn or sting when first applied, but provides amazing effects over time.


    GlycoShea™ Hand and Body Cream works by removing dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), making you more prone to sunburn. Therefore, we strongly advise that you stay out of the sun. You may also use sunscreen products rated SPF 15 or higher every 90 minutes when using the GlycoShea™ Hand and Body Cream and for one week once you finish using our moisturizer.


    For most people, 2 ounces of GlycoShea will last for a month (if used 3 times a week on hands and/or arms).

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