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GLYCOSHEA™ Facial&Neck Cream: an Anti-wrinkle Cream

Dermatologists have new tools to help people to look young and resilient. The general recommendation is to limit exposure to the sun, to use a board-spectrum sunscreen (blocking both UVA rays and UVB rays) rated SPF 30 or higher, and to avoid tanning salons. In recent years, we also have a growing number of both prescription and over-the-counter creams, lotions, and gels, including retinoids (Vitamin A compounds) and Alpha-Hydroxy compounds, including Glycolic Acid Compounds, which join the ranks of Botox injections, use of injectable fillers and lasers, chemical peels, and facelifts in giving people a younger look.

A simple option to gain a more youthful look is to use a retinoid cream, which is Vitamin A-containing product. The first available retinoid – starting in the 1980s – was Retin A® Cream – also called tretinoin cream. Retin A Cream is generally applied to the face and/or neck at night, with use of a moisturizer in the mornings. Options for moisturizers have included Purpose Facial Lotion, Aveeno Facial Lotion, Complex 15, Nivea, and Cetaphil Facial Lotion.

In more recent years, dermatologists have also uncovered a category of topical agents (meaning for use “on top of” the skin): the Alpha-Hydroxy Compounds. Alpha-Hydroxy agents generally help the skin by improving what’s called exfoliation, which is the process by which old, dead skin cells are released from the surface layer of the skin, and replaced with new cells from below, much like a tree sheds leaves in the autumn. Exfoliation tends to give a smoother, better texture to the skin, especially when combined with use of a moisturizer.

Alpha-Hydroxy agents (AHAs) include lactic acid (from milk), malic acid (discovered in apples), pyruvic acid (discovered in grapes), mandelic acid (sweet almonds), and the simplest chemical of all, glycolic acid (discovered in sugarcane and sugar beets). In 2016 – after 25 years of practicing Dermatology – I founded Big River Silk Skincare Inc. – to manufacture, market, and distribute one such AHA - GLYCOSHEA™ Facial&Neck Cream – thereby making it available nationally.

GLYCOSHEA Facial&Neck Cream is organic and natural, being hand-manufactured by Big River Silk Skincare Inc. from Refined Shea Butter with some of the purest natural water in the United States, from the Memphis Sands. Then after blending this cream with Glycolic Acid, we end up with GLYCOSHEA Facial&Neck Cream, or GLYCOSHEA Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength, or GLYCOSHEA Hand&Body Cream/High Strength.

So the GLYCOSHEA products are much more than a simple moisturizer. They also contain this acid – Glycolic Acid – which is the most common agent used by dermatologists nationally to perform chemical peels. Glycolic Acid is the ingredient in the GlycoShea Creams that tends to smooth the appearance of fine lines in the skin, improving skin texture and tone, so it could be called an anti-wrinkle cream. It can be incorporated into a care plan with use of the Retin A Cream one night and the use of GLYCOSHEA cream the next, so that one gets the skin-smoothing effects of both.

For people using both Retin A Cream and Glycolic Acid-containing products, we generally recommend use of sunscreen when out, while on the product and for one week thereafter, to decrease the risk of sunburn.

GLYCOSHEA Facial&Neck Cream: 1 oz: $39.95 plus tax/2 oz: $59.95/8 oz: $189.95.

GLYCOSHEA Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength: 1 oz: $19.95/2 oz: $29.95/8 oz: $89.95.

GLYCOSHEA Hand&Body Cream/High Strength: 1 oz: $29.95/2 oz: $44.95/8 oz: $134.95.

Big River Silk Skincare Inc.’s products are available from our website:, as well as for purchase on-site at our company headquarters, at 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN 38018: Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 1-901-753-0168. And we do offer free USPS shipping for orders over $40.00.

Check out our GlycoShea Cream presence on Youtube. Or check us out on Facebook.

And being a practicing dermatologist with Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates PC, 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN 38018 (, I’ll be most excited to hear of your experiences with the GLYCOSHEA Creams.

George Woodbury Jr. M.D. (08/25/2019)

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