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Trigger Factors for Eczema and Itchy Rashes:

Dermatologists tend to emphasize identifying what are called “trigger factors” for outbreaks of sensitive skin conditions like eczema or atopic dermatitis. Bouts of itching and eczema rashes are more prone to occur when our skin gets dry, or when we’re exposed to harsh detergents or soaps, or even if we encounter a preservative, fragrance, dye, or component of latex that we may be allergic to.

Bouts of eczema are really a family skin problem, because when one person is itching or ill at ease, everyone has trouble getting proper rest, so it's hard to remain resilient.

So here are a couple of tips to help avoid bouts of itching and eczema, based upon over 27 years that I’ve been practicing dermatology:

  • Water in and of itself tends to drain the natural oils that our skin makes, so Dermatologists generally recommend that people with sensitive skin or eczema avoid really hot, long baths or showers, particularly in the fall, winter, or spring, when the colder outside air tends to dry our skin. Lukewarm or tepid water is a good choice. Sometimes it’s best to bathe only every other day in the winter.

  • Brief washing is best for people with eczema!

  • It’s best to choose laundry detergent that’s fragrance-free and dye-free. Many of the major brands have a version of their product for people with sensitive skin, such as Cheer Free®, All Free®, or Tide Free®.

  • It’s a good idea to launder new clothes at least one or twice before wearing them, to remove excess dyes or formaldehyde resins, thereby cutting down on itching.

Symptoms of eczema can include rash, itching, scratching, really on any part of the body, but particularly on the front or flexor aspect of the arms and legs, the neck, and in the scalp or on the face.

  • Be aware that Dermatologists often use what's called Allergy Patch Testing to try to identify trigger factors like dyes, fragrances, preservatives or fragrances. We offer this type of testing at Rheumatology and Dermatology, 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN 38018.

  • It’s a great idea for people with sensitive skin or eczema to lubricate the skin with moisturizers, particularly moisturizers that are fragrance-free, dye-free, propylene glycol-free, and parabens-free.

Myself (George Woodbury Jr. M.D.) with exhibitor staff of Big River Silk Skincare Inc., at the Southern Women's Show, Memphis TN, March 2018.

  • In 2016, I decided to incorporate a skincare products company, Big River Silk Skincare Inc. Our logo is SCIENCE SIMPLIFYING SKINCARE®. We make four fragrance-free and emulsifier-free moisturizer creams, all of which are available both at 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN3 8018, and through Our signature moisturizers are

*GLYCOSHEA® Facial&Neck Cream,

These three products have a skin smoothing Alpha-Hydroxy Agent called Glycolic Acid, to help even skin color and tone, and to reduce the appearance of fine lines in the skin.

*We also manufacture a special moisturizer for people with sensitive skin including even small children: HYPOSHEA® Moisturizer Cream. It can be used on the body or face.

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