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Dry Skin and Eczema

Autumn and winter are the most challenging seasons for people prone to dry skin, because cold weather sucks moisture out of our skin quickly. Think of a piece of bread in your kitchen. In the fall or winter, it dries out in a matter of moments, just like you skin can dry out this time of year, if not taken care of properly.

Dermatologists have known for years that certain fruit-derived acids – called “alpha-hydroxy acids” - tend to both moisturize and refresh the skin. One such chemical is Glycolic Acid, originally discovered in sugar cane. After twenty years of practice as a dermatologist, I decided to make Glycolic Acid available by mixing or compounding it with a natural tree-derived cream called Shea Butter, and I started producing three products:

All three products are designed to make allergic reactions unlikely to occur, so they’re “hypoallergenic.” They’re also based upon natural or organic ingredients. These products have minimal preservatives, no fragrances, and no dyes.

This is an image of hand eczema, or hand dermatitis, due to frequent washing. Products like the GlycoShea Creams tend to help such people by cutting down on peeling, fissuring, and soreness, by replenishing moisture in the skin.

All the products of Big River Silk Skincare were developed by, designed by, tested by, and produced by dermatologists. The products we supply undergo a careful quality control process, to ensure reliability.

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