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Big River Silk Skincare Releases the GlycoShea Creams

In 2016, after 25 years of practicing Dermatology, I decided to form a company specializing in helping people achieve smooth and resilient skin: Big River Silk Skincare Inc.

We both manufacture and distribute three organic and natural Shea Butter moisturizers with an Alpa-Hydroxy agent in them called Glycolic Acid. They’re excellent fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizers, but also anti-wrinkle creams, helping to even out skin color and tone: GLYCOSHEA Facial&Neck Cream: 1 oz: $39.95/2 oz: $59.95; 8 oz: $179.95. GLYCOSHEA Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength: 1 oz: $19.95; 2 oz: $29.95; 8 oz: $89.95; GLYCOSHEA Hand&Body Cream/High Strength: 1 oz: $29.94; 2 oz: $44.95; 8 oz: $134.95.

Sometimes the best skincare is pure, organic, and natural, and grounded in science and careful quality control processes. Products made right here, in Tennessee, without lots of additives, fragrances, emulsifiers, and unnecessary preservatives. That’s what we’re about, at Big River Silk Skincare Inc.: SCIENCE SIMPLIFYING SKINCARE®.

George Woodbury Jr MD Dermatologist and Big River Silk Skincare President 8143 Walnut Grove Road Cordova TN 38018 1-844-363-8593 1-901-309-0930 The GlycoShea Creams are available at our 8143 Walnut Grove Road headquarters, Cordova, Tennessee, Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. We also offer free USPS shipping for orders over $40.00. And if you’d also like to get our monthly ENewsletter - SoothSkin – just send an Email to

George R. Woodbury Jr. M.D. with his Big River Silk Skincare Team, at the Southern Women's Show, Memphis, TN, March 2018

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