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The Scoop on Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), from a Dermatologist

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (or AHAs) are a group of chemicals originally discovered in milk, certain fruits, and nuts. AHAs have an anti-aging effect on the skin by promoting what’s called exfoliation or release of older skin cells.

AHAs include Lactic Acid (from milk), Pyruvic Acid (grapes), Mandelic Acid (bitter almonds), and Glycolic Acid (originally discovered in sugarcane and pineapple).

Glycolic Acid is the most popular ingredient in chemical peels used by Dermatologists like myself because its small molecular size allows it to easily penetrate the outer layers of the skin, enabling new cells to grow in from below.

Glycolic Acid is present in certain lotions, creams, and washes, often part of skincare regimens along with tretinoin (Vitamin A) creams, like Retin A® or Renova® Cream, because Glycolic Acid acts against splotchiness of skin color, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, all of which are part of aging of the skin from exposure to ultraviolet (or UV) light from both the sun and from tanning bulb exposure.

The Woodbury family of four Dermatologists has been using Glycolic Acid in compounded skincare creams in Tennessee and Arkansas for over 30 years.

In 2016, I became President of Big River Silk™ Skincare Inc., manufacturer and distributor of GlycoShea™ Facial&Neck Cream (1 oz: $39.95/2 oz: $59.95/8 oz; $179.95) , GlycoShea™ Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength (1 oz: $19.95/2 oz: $29.95/8 oz; $139.95), and GlycoShea™ Hand&Body Cream/High Strength (1 oz: $29.95/2 oz: $44.95/8 oz; $144.95).

We offer pick-up at our headquarters at 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova, TN, M-F from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, or you can call us at 1-901-753-0168, or go to (free USPS shipping for orders over $40.00/otherwise $5.00 shipping and handling).

Upon first stating to use our active cream – the GlycoShea Cream – often it’s best to alternate use with a gentle acid-free moisturizer – called HypoShea Moisturizer Cream – to allow the skin to adapt to the beneficial effects of the peeling agent. So we offer several kits at www.Bigriversilkskincare.

And if you’re overdue for a check-up with a Dermatologist, there are over 13,700 of us across the United States. You can find a Dermatologist close to you by going to the American Academy of Dermatology web site,, then plugging your zip code into the “Find a Dermatologist” tab. With the U.S. being in th3e middle of a skin cancer epidemic, such a check-up just might allow earlier detection of a skin cancer or even melanoma, allowing it to be effectively treated by a minor, outpatient removal. So don’t delay, get checked today!

George Woodbury Jr. M.D.

Board-certified Dermatologist with Rheumatology&Dermatology (

President of Big River Silk Skincare Inc. (

8143 Walnut Grove Road

Cordova TN 38018


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