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Glycolic Acid GlycoShea Lotion in Eczema and Psoriasis

by Memphis Dermatologist George Woodbury Jr. M.D. (07/08/2024)


Dermatologists like myself often recommend what are called Exfoliating Moisturizer for people with Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, and Psoriasis, and even acne, because they renew the outmost layer of your skin’s Epidermis.

Exfoliating Moisturizer is a type of Antiwrinkle Cream
Couple applying antiwrinkle cream


  After 25 years of practicing dermatology, in 2016 I decided to establish a skincare products company  - Big River Silk Skincare™ Inc. – to manufacture and distribute organic moisturizers containing an Antiwrinkle Cream ingredient called Glycolic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid. I incorporated Glycolic Acid into GlycoShea™ Facial&Neck Lotion and Cream and GlycoShea™ Hand&Body Lotion and Cream because these moisturizers can act as antiwrinkle Creams to improve skin color, texture, and tone.


  GlycoShea Facial&Neck Lotion is a helpful fragrance-free exfoliating moisturizer that acts in skin rejunvenation, due to its Glycolic Acid, an AHA or Alpha-hydroxy Acid originally discovered in pineapple, making it into an organic moisturizer or exfoliating moisturizer. GlycoShea Facial&Neck Lotion helps to even out the appearance of fine lines in the skin, making it an anti-wrinkle cream. 1 oz ($45.95), 2 oz ($68.95), and 8 oz ($229.95).

  GlycoShea Hand&Body Lotion is a helpful fragrance-free exfoliating moisturizer that helps you to cope with dryness of hands and feet, due to its Refined Shea Butter, but with the added qualities of its Glycolic Acid. We also manufacture GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream as a fortified moisturizer with a higher content of Refined Shea Butter, particularly useful if you use your hands – for young parents doing lots of laundry, electricians, surgeons, bakers, and nurses  1 oz ($22.95), 2 oz ($34.95), and 8 oz ($114.95).

  Big River Silk Skincare’s GlycoShea Facial&Neck Lotion and GlycoShea Hand&Body Lotion are available for over-the-counter purchase at our headquarters, 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN 38018, Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. They can also be ordered at (shipping: $7.50 for orders under $75.00; $12.50 handling and shipping for Canadian orders under $100.00). 1-901-753-0168.


If you or a family member has complexion issues, Acne, Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema), or Psoriasis, consider getting an evaluation with a Dermatologist. My own Memphis Dermatology practice these past 30 years has been with Rheumatology and Dermatology, 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova, TN ( Or you can find a “Best Dermatologist Near Me” by going to the American Academy of Dermatology web site,, then plugging your zip code into the “Find a Dermatologist” tab. Because the good news is that research in Dermatology has uncovered a growing list of effective therapies.

8143 Walnut Grove Road

Cordova TN 38018




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