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The Anti-wrinkle Properties of Big River Silk Skincare’s GlycoShea Creams:

The main factor behind skin aging is exposure to Ultraviolet (or UV) light, either from the sun or from tanning bulbs. UVB rays and the longer-wavelength UVA rays are both now both known to lead to sun damage: splotchiness of color and the appearance of blood vessels, toughness of texture, a leathery-quality, and premature wrinkling.

The good news is that Dermatologists now have tools to both prevent UV damage (sun avoidance, broad-spectrum sunscreens) and to reverse sun damage (Alpha-hydroxy Acid washes and creams, prescription Retin A cream and gel, chemical peels, laser therapy, Botox, fillers, and even surgical facelifts, in order of least-involved to most-involved).

So in this blog of 05/25/2020, let’s take a look at the main options for prevention and for early intervention for people with early sun damage, from my perspective as a practicing Dermatologist:

Daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreens, particularly between March and October, such as Shade UVAgarde or Photoplex is helpful. A personal favorite of my own is Vanicream Sunscreen Sport SPF 35, because it’s both fragrance-free and parabens-free, and less likely to migrate into your eyes (now available through Big River Silk Skincare Inc., of which I am the President:; 4 oz: $17.95).

For people who already have sun damage, Alpha-hydroxy Acid Creams become an easy option because they can be used at home as a once or twice-a-day application to affected areas. My Woodbury family of four Dermatologists has practiced in the sunny Southern states of Tennessee and Arkansas since the 1960s, so advising patients about wrinkling and splotchiness of color has been a big focus of ours. Because it penetrates the skin easily, we adopted use of Glycolic Acid Creams for our patients.

So in 2016, I became President of Big River Silk Skincare Inc., enabling me to manufacture and to distribute the anti-wrinkle Alpha-Hydroxy Acid moisturizer creams that my mother Dr. Linda Woodbury had been compounding of manufacturing for her own Dermatology patients for over 30 years. Our flagship anti-wrinkle creams are GlycoShea Facial&Neck Cream (1 oz: $39.95/2 oz: $59.95; 8 oz: $179.95); as well as GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength (1 oz: $19.95/2 oz; $29.95/8 oz: $89.95) and GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream/High Strength (1 oz: $29.95/2 oz: $44.95/8 oz: $134.95).

So let’s take a look into what makes these creams effective as anti-wrinkle creams, helping to reverse premature aging of the skin:

The GlycoShea Creams are organic, because their key ingredient, Glycolic Acid, is a small carbon atom that can easily penetrate the skin.

Glycolic Acid was originally discovered in pineapple and sugarcane, so its origins are in nature. It works by promoting skin exfoliation, meaning that it helps the older, dead skin cells to be released from the skin surface, allowing newer cells to take their place, like the release of older leaves from a tree. The result? More even skin color, with a smoothing of the fine lines or wrinkles, enabling these creams to act as anti-wrinkle creams, and also improving skin smoothness and texture.

The GlycoShea Creams also incorporate Shea Butter, from the African Shea Tree, and some of the purest natural water in the United States, from the Memphis Sands, water which has been filtered through fine sands over thousands of years, well below the earth’s surface.

The GlycoShea Creams are remarkable not only for what they do contain, but also for what they do not contain: no fragrances, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, and no parabens nor formaldehyde. So they present minimal risk to people with sensitive skin.

For 35 years, these creams have been used within the Dermatology practice in Memphis, TN, of Dr. Linda Woodbury, my mother, a University of Chicago-trained Dermatologist who early on adopted the idea of using Glycolic Acid for its anti-wrinkle effect for her own patients.

Dr. George Woodbury, Jr., in 2018, with his mother, Dr. Linda Woodbury, both of whom are Dermatologists.

The good news is that in 2016 I became President of Big River Silk Skincare Inc., in order to manufacture and distribute the GlycoShea Creams throughout the United States and Canada.

The GlycoShea Creams are now available for pick-up at our company headquarters at 8143 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova TN 38018, Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Or you can call us at 901-753-0168. The GlycoShea Creams are also available for order across the United States and Canada directly from Big River Silk Skincare’s website: :

GlycoShea Facial&Neck Cream: 1 ounce ($39.95), 2 oz ($59.95), 8 oz ($179.95).

GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream/Standard Strength: 1 oz ($19.95 ), 2 oz ($29.95 ), 8 oz ($139.95)

GlycoShea Hand&Body Cream/High Strength: 1 oz ($29.95 ), 2 oz ($44.95 ), 8 oz ($159.95)

$5.00 USPS shipping and handling, but free shipping and handling for U.S. orders over $40.00. Canadian shipping is $15.00, but complimentary for orders over $75.00.

George Woodbury Jr. M.D.

Board-certified Dermatologist, at Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates PC

8143 Walnut Grove Road

Cordova TN 38018



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